Seize The Year! by Laura

Here comes another New Year–an opportunity for new beginnings. Like every year we all make plans and resolutions for this year to be better than the last.

How has that been working for you?

For me, it’s been hit or miss at best.

So how can we be sure that this year actually is better than the last?

Here are some of the secrets I’ve discovered for staying healthy, happy and engaged in the world around us.

Adjust Your Attitude: An upbeat attitude makes a huge difference. Studies show that people who speak positively about themselves and others are healthier and happier. Find something to appreciate each day. And remember to laugh. A good, deep laugh feels amazing, releases stress and helps strengthen your immune system.

Stay Connected: Recent studies confirm that the strength of your social network is the key to health and longevity. Nurture your connections to friends, family and your spiritual community. Contribute to your community. Consider volunteering–there are so many who would love your support! Help out at a homeless shelter, get involved in animal rescue, join Big Brothers or Sisters, work for the political candidate of your choice. Stay involved.

Be a Mentor: Your knowledge and experience have more value than you may realize. Be a role model and inspiration to the next generation. Whether it’s spending time with your kids, tutoring disadvantaged youth or giving business advice to a non-profit, pass it forward.

Nourish Your Mind: Being a lifelong learner helps keep your mind sharp. Start a new hobby, take a class, express your creativity. Is there something you’ve always wanted to learn? Whether it’s another language, how to use a potter’s wheel or the development of Renaissance art —stimulate those brain cells!

Cherish Your Body: As your body ages, it requires more care than when you were younger. (And if you are younger, take care of your health now. Your body will thank you later.) Make this the year you join a natural foods co-op, take walks, start that exercise program you’ve been putting off or take up pickle ball. Ballroom or salsa dancing keeps you moving while meeting new friends, yoga or a stretch class keeps your body supple and meditation releases tension and restores balance. Gift yourself a massage, experience a soothing reflexology session.

A reflexology session with a professional Reflexologist is a fabulous gift to give yourself. And it’s time efficient because it is done fully clothed. Just remove your shoes and socks and lie down.

Reflexology offers so many wonderful benefits. After their session my clients report feeling profoundly relaxed, experiencing relief from neck, back, shoulder and other pain, having increased energy and focus and a deep sense of peace and well being. Reflexology can also assist with many health issues including PMS, fertility challenges, menopause, digestive or bladder issues, edema, diabetes, osteoporosis,—even with vision, hearing and memory.

Seize your year right now. Stay positive, stay connected, share your knowledge, feed your mind and take care of your body. Let’s make this the year we live a more joyous, fulfilling, healthy life!

Happy New Year!

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