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Food is Love: there are no rules in food and love by Angelique

My twin brother wrote the description for the book and helped me along the way while I was writing the content and the recipes that would eventually fill the pages. My philosophy in the kitchen is to keep it simple. This is the same philosophy I have been living by for the last several years. This is what he wrote – “Food Is Love” is a book filled with delicious, vegan recipes and the tale of Chef Angelique Santana’s journey of self discovery and transformation. Overcoming her own struggle with weight loss and learning about eating a healthier diet, Chef wanted to share her message by cooking for others and showing them healthier food options. Her clients were surprised and amazed, not only that her dishes were plant-based and nutritious, but how tasty and satisfying her food was.Come explore and Eat with Angelique. Experiencing her wonderful recipes through the personal stories of her clients and how they learned first hand how “Food Is Love”.

This book, very much like food, was very personal for me. Sharing is not something I have been comfortable doing, especially about myself. Thankfully, this book is a little bit about me and a little bit about the clients I serve. The book in its entirety, physically, internally, and externally, was chosen specifically not to “fit in” to whatever traditional cookbooks look and feel like. For example: Soft Cover vs. Hard Cover – I wanted a cover that would bend. We bend the rules all of the time and we are people constantly changing, growing and evolving. The size of the book is not traditional either. The measurements are 7 1/4″ x 9 1/2″ which makes it not eligible for some of the features for design and sales on Amazon’s KDP site. I loved it from the moment my good friend and designer, Carrie Ralston (Simple Girl Design) showed it to me as she traced and cut the sides of an 8 1/2″ x 11″ sheet of paper that would be the books cover. Then there were the pages, not bright white, stiff or firm. They are soft in every way like the t-shirts I like to wear. And finally, the layout and order of the recipes. I wanted the book to unfold like a story book with recipes. Broken down into four parts talking about the ways we express love through food – Part 1 Love of Self; Part 2 Love of Family; Part 3 Love of Each Other; and, Part 4 All My Love. There are 50 of my clients favorites recipes and placed exactly in the parts of those that loved them most.

I hope that you have enjoyed this post and if (when) you purchase the book, you enjoy the stories and find the recipes easy to create and make your own.

All My Love, Angelique

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