Collab with local womxn's community: the Lola

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Q: Briefly describe who you are, what you do and what brings you the most joy in life?

I am a connector- my favorite way to give back to my community is introducing people to each other especially if they too are in the health and wellness industry. I teach yoga off and on the mat by sharing my love of body movement, breath and connection. I enjoy planning and hosting intimate events where people can be themselves, learn and grow from each other, and step into a space where others want their best too. My family, friends and my fiance bring me the most joy.

Q: What is the key problem your business or company solves, who does it solve it for and how does it solve it? There are so many options to hire holistic practitioners to help those on a wellbeing journey, i help by vetting experts for them to work with. I do this also by hosting events and workshops where practitioners are featured and share their passion and expertise on the subjects. I create a non intimidating space where one can share their health and wellness goals and connect them to a good fit.

Q: Where are you right now in your life and career, what is your hope for your next chapter? I am in the beginning, again. I had to reset when I moved to Atlanta 6 months ago. Real Connections is just the beginning of this chapter. It’s my home base for connecting people to themselves and to others. I hope to build a business that can be repeated in other cities, states or countries. A community where people can trust the holistic practitioner and weed out the ones in it for the wrong reason.

Q: What are best practices that you have found works for you when it comes to being more collaborative as womxn in business? Reach out! Each time i meet someone new i follow up with a call, text or email. Asking them what i can do to support them, offering my services of an event planner and consultant. I always say it doesn’t hurt to ask.. I rather ask and get rejected then always wonder where that relationship could have gone if only I reached out. I have no regrets as everyone i have connected with has somehow made me grow or i hope I made something easier in their lives.

Q: The 80 20 concept (20% of your efforts drive 80% of your results, also known as The Pareto Principle) can be hugely helpful in life and time management. What three to five actions would you say drive the most value in moving your business goals forward? Consistency, collaboration, and communication. All three are independently needed in order for my business or any business to move forward. If we aren’t able to stick to it, move through the obstacles, work with others, or have conversations even the hard ones we won’t grow as individuals nor as a business.

Q: What are some habits and values you have discovered that promote teamwork and good working relationships? Asking for help when needed, offering help even if not asked. Speaking from the heart and being authentic when asking and offering help.

Q: How do you find the balance between collaborating and listening to others while also making sure your voice is heard? Being assertive means just that, acknowledging your needs and wants while still considering others. The balance is always a dance, you move toward them and they move back, but if we can find the rhythm and dance next to each other the music will be glorious.

Q: How can we tell our stories in a way that connects us with others? We can speak from the heart. We won’t let our thoughts or our fears hold us back from seeing what we think and feel. Sometimes people won’t like it or want to hear it but it’s our opportunity to bring our the comfort in the uncomfortable. We can only get over things if we go through them. And our stories is the first place we can start when showing our vulnerability and our desire to work with others.

Q: Is there anything else you’d like to share that may give us a better understanding of who you are and your personal story? I am here to learn and to grow and be of service to those around me. Each day i hope there is something i say or do that makes someone smile. My intent is to spread love through health and wellness practices, mostly under the lens of Yoga. Yoga to me is the connection between ourselves and our breath, but also between ourselves and others. As an 100% extrovert i hope to always make those that may not want a spotlight to know i am happy to hold their hands.

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