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Kristin Akbasli, MA, CISSN, CPT, FNS, FMS

Health & Weight Loss Coach

Create my Weight 




Kristin is a Health and Weight Loss Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, and Emotional Eating expert. In addition to her work with weight loss clients, she works for the Institute of Integrative Nutrition as a course moderator for Emotional Eating Psychology, helping students from all over the world improve their food relationships and overcome emotional eating.


She currently serves clients remotely from all over the country, and also locally in Palm Beach County, FL. 


What inspired Create my Weight?

  • Yo-yo dieting

  •  Overemphasis on exercise

  • Lack of motivation

  • Stress eating

  • And everyday life struggles that make weight loss and maintenance so hard!


Let me start off by saying this: I am 50% Italian, 50% Puerto Rican, and 100% female, so I cannot live happily without espresso, wine, chocolate, bread, and having a say in what and when I eat, thank you very much.


Formerly a high school English and Physical Education teacher, Kristin understands the impact of stress, time management, family obligations, negative emotions, and life circumstances on one’s weight loss journey. As a result, her work with clients addresses both the physical and mental challenges of the weight loss journey. 


Kristin’s anti-diet approach to weight loss and maintenance teaches clients how to lose weight and keep it off in a sustainable, stress-free way. Kristin’s strategy empowers clients to eat the foods they love, move their bodies how they want, and stay motivated for the long haul, even when “life gets in the way.” So whether it’s chips and guacamole, pasta, ice cream, wine, or all of the above, clients use Kristin’s Food Freedom strategy, so they can still eat these foods and drop pounds weekly with her 4-step Strategy:


  • Nutrition: learn how to balance, not count, macronutrients (fats, carbs, protein, and alcohol) for weight loss, maintenance, and health. 

  • Fitness: create a custom, sustainable fitness routine that you can enjoy and stick to long-term, incorporating all kinds of movement that clients connect with, whether it be dance, cardio, strength-training, and/or flexibility.

  • Motivation/Mindset: master the art of unshakeable motivation, willpower, and determination to succeed and solidify your healthy lifestyle. Learn how to manage stress, improve time management, and reduce emotional eating.

  • Accountability: ensure your success with Kristin’s 1:1 mentorship, or opt for her remote weekly check-ins to keep you on track, celebrate your successes, and troubleshoot your obstacles. For every problem, there’s a solution, and Kristin is there to close up any holes in your progress and make sure you get results!



Free Facebook Group: Fitness, Nutrition, and Motivation for Life: 


Programs range from 4-12 weeks. 


To best determine what type of support you need for your goals and what works in your budget, it’s best to schedule a complimentary Strategy Session with Kristin.


During your 45-minute Strategy Session, we’ll get crystal clear on your main struggles, the most effective strategy, and level of support you need to achieve your goals!


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