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David Hall

Chief Clutter Clearing Officer

A + Clutter Clearing 



I have been organizing, decluttering and designing interior and exterior space for over 15 years now.

Starting with family and friends in New York and South Florida, I’ve created an exciting and effective process by arranging possessions that makes a noticeable difference in the lives of my clients. 


I offer clutter and chaos relief with the opportunity to move lives forward, in a positive, more purpose-driven way.

My practice demonstrates how to let go of things since unwanted, unused, and under-appreciated possessions weigh us down and hold us back from what we truly want and desire.  No matter the circumstances, from downsizing to upgrading the organizational quality of your home or office, A+ Clutter Clearing “enlivens” your space and “frees you up” to experience new ways to make room in your busy life.

A new and safe way to clear the clutter in your home

While many have used my services before, now you can experience virtual decluttering and organizing services in a refreshing new way. Let me help you organize and take control of your cluttered surroundings during these stressful times.

You can’t control the virus, but you can control your home

While we’re all exposed to heightened stress, anxiety and uncertainty, A+ Virtual Clutter Clearing provides organizing services with technology as the safe link between parties.  We work together via smartphone, laptop or tablet.


Using best practices, A+ Virtual Clutter Clearing provides:

  • Clutter Clearing Consulting

  • Time-tested techniques

  • Room by room organizing steps

  • Item sorting to keep, toss, donate and sell

  • Feng Shui design principles

  • Downsizing to remove unwanted items

  • Storage facility purging (get rid of that monthly bill now!)

  • Education to maintain and keep you organized in the future


Benefits include:

  1. Peace of Mind

  2. Clarity of Thought

  3. Hands-On productivity

  4. Making room for new things

  5. Donating things that no longer serve

  6. A home cleared and clean with no outside virus exposure

  7. Cost effective way to manage your home clutter



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