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We help you plan your personal or professional event

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Many people have financial wealth advisors, but not many have WELLTH advisors.. + what's the point of knowing where your money is going if you're not in a happy + healthy place to enjoy it. 

Trade in the late night boozy night (okay, a few herbal libations are allowed) + instead enjoy a *yoga, dance or fitness class with an **ayurvedic-inspired or plant-based cooking class.  

Bachelorettes​, Bridal Showers + Day of Wedding

Crunchy to the Core Yogi: reiki or hypnosis

Consciously Curious Yogi: yin yoga or hatha

Current Yogi: vinyasa flow or conscious movement

* variety of yoga styles available

** cooking class includes demo + all of the ingredients to make a beverage( for detoxing), a light dish ( for cleansing), a dessert (for energy), + a "typical" ayurvedic dish PANEER! 

When it is time to celebrate a birthday or family union, you get to bring your tribe an easy way to connect to each other. We help you find a creative way to turn a year older or be with relatives that may cause you to use breathing practices just a bit easier. 

Birthday Gatherings

Family Reunions

Children are our future teach them mindfulness and we have a good shot! This program gives an introduction to Mindfulness + adds tools to their toolbox for dealing with any emotions. (let's be real, toddlers are similar to emotional teenagers) 

Mindfulness for Kids Workshops

Studies have proven that mindfulness in the workplace improves productivity, increases retention, & improves focus. Offering your team support for their mental & physical health can be facilitated virtually or in-person (SoFla Only) 

Employee Sessions ( virtual or in-person)

-45 minutes with holistic experts

-Via ZOOM or in-person 

-Employees can book a free consultation call with experts

-Topic examples: yoga, fitness, sleep, + nutrition

Organizing a day retreat for team building or a weekend leadership + wellness getaway, not only will improve the culture of your office but it will make you that really cool boss. 

Team Building or Leadership & Wellness Retreats

-Day retreat or weekend getaway

-Includes yoga, movement, sleep + nutrition workshops

-Vegan/ plant-based meals

-Conscious Leadership: 15 Commitments 

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