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Sandy Beach

The business and the brand represent me! , Jess Pfeffer, Founder and Chief Connecting Officer. I am here to serve the community in any way that I can, either something I can offer from my education and experience or refer out to experts that can.

Real Connections has a 3 part business model: wellth advisement, conscious consulting, and holistic event planning.

As a wellth advisor, I work one on one with individuals. We start with an assessment to bring awareness to the person's life and how balanced they are living it, through the 6 containers: Romantic Relationships, Social Relationships, Work, Self, Family, and Community. We use this assessment to create a life plan and go on field trips to begin the process of practicing healthy habits that include mindfulness, movement, nourishment, and nature.

As a conscious consultant, I have relationships with the Human Resource department and other team members of companies such as Office Depot and Fontainebleau Hotel and create wellness programming in person and virtually for their team. Typical sessions include yoga, cooking, Ayurveda practices, essential oils, and embodiment dance.

As a holistic event planner, I help my clients achieve their goals for having an event that ranges from a small 3-hour retreat to over 1,000 people festival. I also teach pop-up yoga classes and collab with other local holistic practitioners. 


Real Connections offers a full gamut of health and wellness experiences

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